About us

Piccolo Press was established in 1985 by Tim Honnor after he left the Royal Navy, and is now part of the Baddeley Brothers’ family of printers, which specialises in envelope-making and die-stamping, providing high-quality products and personal service to the public as well as corporate and trade clients. 

If you care about detail, you will find Piccolo Press understand your requirements perfectly.

Exceptionally skilled in hand-crafted printing techniques that were driven out by automation, we’ve revived the classics, such as letterpress, embossing, thermography, and are currently the only printers in Scotland to offer die stamping and engraving.

As printing processes have become modernised and computerised to speed up production and drive down costs, Piccolo Press, have stayed true to the craft, refining traditional processes and keeping customer satisfaction as the driver of business.

Piccolo Press continues to enjoy its fine reputation across Scotland for supplying high-quality specialist print to customers all over the world.

Tradition and heritage

Some of our skilled craftsmen have been here for more than a quarter of a century, and bring true experience in a rare artform.

Others are young and creative, bringing fresh new ideas to old techniques. It is this fusion of old and new that makes the Piccolo Press the success it is.

Equally, our machines come from an age when things were built to last, printing presses that are now out of production, yet infinitely more reliable and more serviceable than newer, computer-controlled presses.

And in our office too, the vibe is caring for the customer and understanding their needs. Helping customers choose the right paper, colours and fonts to make their printing unique to them.

We’re a small team, and we love our work. We’re a ‘family’ that has a bond with each other, our tools and our heritage.

We strive to be the finest craft printing team in the country, and we hope that our printing makes you feel that way too.

Scottish Book Trust

We’re thrilled to partner with the Scottish Book Trust and bring you a selection of handpicked books, via our monthly email “The Piper”.

The Scottish Book Trust is a national charity that believes books, reading, and writing have the power to change lives. A love of reading inspires creativity, improves employment opportunities, mental health, and wellbeing, and is one of the most effective ways to help break the poverty cycle.

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