Sample packs

If you want to feel the quality of our printed products, you can order a sample pack of wedding or personal stationery. We can also make up custom samples of more general invitations or corporate stationery.

These cost £10.00 for UK delivery. This payment will be deducted from the cost of any subsequent order (but will not be refunded if you do not order).

UK Wedding Pack contains:

  • Information and price list brochure on printing processes and how to make the design and ordering of your wedding stationery as easy as possible.
  • Samples of hand engraved, thermographic and letterpress invitations in a variety of styles on a variety of boards.
  • Samples of Order of Service sheets and advice on how best to design and layout.
  • Samples of Place Cards, Typeface Sheets, invitation layout sheet and comprehensive price list.

Personal Stationery Pack contains:

  • Samples of engraved, thermographic and letterpressed stationery in a variety of sizes, stocks and typefaces.
  • Typeface example sheets
  • Samples of correspondence cards.
  • Sample ‘at Home’ card.
Wedding stationery sample pack

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