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Piccolo Press is a leading supplier of business stationery and commercial invitations to prestigious companies and clients throughout the country.

Whether you want engraved, thermographic or letterpress corporate invitation cards, we can provide the reassurance of twenty-five years of experience, with advice on how best to get the quality you need and how the print processes complement each other. All our work is done under the one roof here in Scotland, and we can supply you with any type of business printing at a competitive price.

We also supply all standard types of corporate and business stationery from letterheads to compliment slips, business cards and invoices to name a few.

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Business stationery

Your business stationery purveys the image of your company. First impressions do count and if your stationery looks cheap, that’s the image people will form in their head of your company, your values and your products or services.

No business wants that! Create a good first impression and you will command respect from your customers BEFORE you’ve even sold them anything.

And there is no better sign of quality in stationery than the techniques offered by Piccolo Press: die-stamping, letterpress, foiling and thermography.

Design and print

Good business stationery is a combination of design and printing, and many of the brands we work with have come to us through their designers. Designers are well aware of the premium feel our classic techniques produce, and they specify them for their clients when they want to create something special. We also have designers in-house who are naturally familiar with our processes.

You might have seen the textures on stationery you have received and wondered why it looks so special, or how it’s done. See our printing techniques pages for a full description of our printing processes.

Stationery is a broad term. It covers a whole gamut of products, but let’s look at some of the staple pieces and how they make you look ‘special’.


Letterheads are perhaps the most important piece of business stationery of all. Some would argue the business card takes that crown, but the letterhead has grandeur, it’s big, and many times has lots of ‘white’ space which itself exudes a feeling of generosity. The logo takes pride of place and it’s perhaps the piece of stationery your customers will scrutinise most closely. They’ll run their fingers over your logo, checking out the texture. You’re winning them over, and they haven’t even read your letter yet!

But in all seriousness, the letterhead is the CEO of stationery, it has presence, provenance and practicality.

Business cards

On a different note, business cards are the darling of the commercial world. Their appeal has never faded, we still ask for them, give them, and dare I say, we hold a little desire for them. Business people collect business cards like philatelists collect stamps. Every business card has a little story attached to it, or at least a little snapshot of a moment in time. And they nearly always signal the start of something new… usually a new customer or a new supplier; either way, the beginning of a new relationship.

The tactile values of a business card can’t be underestimated, they’re delivered straight into the hand. It’s strange how texture can instantly elevate your status.

Compliment slips

Ahh, the mini letterheads you can write personal notes on. These are often just cut-down versions of the letterhead, nevertheless, they have an important role. They carry the branding weight and gravitas of their bigger brother, but they’re a little more subtle, they don’t dominate what they’re attached to. And they come with a little note… ‘with compliments’. They’re saying: ‘Here, this is just for you.’ And you might personalise it just to be social… in ink of course.


Let’s not forget envelopes. It’s no good having the best letterhead or compliment slip if you stuff it a brown envelope and hide all that beauty. There’s a lot of psychology in making your envelopes a stimulus to explore what’s inside… you’ll know that from when you pick up your mail in the morning.

Piccolo Press can supply and print matching envelopes, and we can make them to order through our sister company Baddeley Brothers, who have a 160-year tradition of making and printing beautiful envelopes.

So those are the four main pieces of stationery businesses tend to use every day in businesses across the land. But by its very nature, the work of Piccolo Press extends beyond the norm.

We regularly print for businesses when they have special occasions. Because we’re specialist printers, we tend to print a lot of ‘specialist’ items of stationery.

  • Invitations
  • Presentation items
  • Folders
  • Menu cards
  • Information folios

Short-run or long-run?

Classic printing techniques are not about speed, many of our jobs are short runs because of their nature. Few people need thousands of invitations! Our printers are skilled and dedicated, they take their time to make your printing look the best. We use hand-fed machines, which are built for short print runs. We do have presses that can do longer sheet-fed runs where required, but we have built our reputation on ‘less is more’.

Going digital

Digital printing has increased production speeds and reduced costs in the printing industry, yet for Piccolo Press it has extended the scope to personalise print runs for our customers. Digital print is perfect for short-runs and it allows flexibility where classic techniques often don’t. For example, it is impossible to print a colour photograph with die-stamping, letterpress, foil or thermography. But if our customers need a piece of stationery with a colour image and they want a die stamped logo or image, for example, a pass through the digital printer will make that possible.

Litho printing

And to round off the full suite of printing processes we also have a sheet-fed litho press for those jobs which don’t need the elegance of our classic printing processes or the convenience of short-runs. So for your in-house printing, invoices, statement, NCR sets, etc, we can provide a cost-effective print-run where functionality is the priority.

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