Wedding stationery

We provide you with the highest quality wedding stationery. All production is in-house, allowing us to expedite a timely turnaround of your order, at a competitive price.

Look through the sections and individual galleries above, these have examples of engraved, thermographic, letterpress and foiled stationery. Our specialist printing techniques will add a touch of luxury to your special day.

Wedding stationery printed in Scotland

Wedding stationery is one of the first things you should plan after the initial excitement of the proposal has sunk in because sending out printed cards is one of the earliest processes in a timeline that could end up being more than a year long.

We know you want your stationery to be perfect. It goes without saying. Our classic printing techniques offer the ultimate in quality. We’ve printed stationery for Royals and we know how to make an impression. In fact, we’re even recommended by The Royal Butler.

Did you know there could be up to ten unique pieces of stationery to think about? Piccolo Press is here to help you all the way. We’ve put together a stationery timeline below to help you plan, but you can speak to one of our designs any time by calling us on 01667 454508.

We’re experts in printing the entire range of wedding stationery, so not only can we provide you with outstanding quality, we’ll make sure you deliver the right stationery at the right time, with coordinated quality.

First things first…

Celebrate your engagement

This is big news, you want to tell the world, but start with your friends and family! Announce your engagement in style with beautifully printed cards. This sets the theme you’ll be adopting for your wedding. Will you choose a modern design or go for a classic look?

These will be your first printed items, and although you can buy these pre-printed from a shop, show your friends and family your wedding is going to a bit special. Some of your guests may keep these as keepsakes so it makes sense to make them reflect your whole wedding experience.

If you’re having a party, then these can double-up as invitations, or give yourself some breathing space and have a separate one for your bash.

Remember, Piccolo Press can help you create and choose the right design, give all your items a consistent look and feel, which will build anticipation for your ceremony.

Save the Date

Choosing a date will take careful consideration but will depend on venue availability. Leaving as much time as you can before the big day will mean you’re less likely to freeze out people who have booked something else on the same date and get the venue you want.

‘Save the Date’ cards are an ideal way to get your guests to put the date in their diary before anything else crops up. It avoids confusion, and it’s the second piece of print that builds on that picture of your perfect day.

Bridal shower

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be and organised by your maid of honour. You can offer to provide invitations that are non-specific, so they double up as hen and stag party invitations.

Wedding invitations

The big day is getting nearer. It’s time to send the wedding invitations. These will of course follow your previous designs, but arguably they may also be the most opulent. Piccolo Press is always happy to explain the printing options, such as foiling for that mirrored text, embossing for subtlety, engraving or die-stamping for a luxurious feel. Or a combination for absolute uniqueness.

Evening reception

Don’t forget the evening reception too. These can be as swish as your daytime invitations if you want, or you could tone it down a bit. It’s your choice. Remember that some of the set-up costs related to classic printing techniques are not so expensive when they’re re-used for multiple items of stationery.

If you’ve ordered these in advance, it will take the weight off your mind of thinking about getting all these items of stationery at the right time. Piccolo Press can print and deliver everything up front, or stagger delivery and spread the cost.

Rehearsals, stag and hen parties

Use your non-specific invitations or, depending on how extravagant you’re being, have stationery made up for these events!

Orders of Service, menus, table plan and place cards

When the big day arrives, you want to make sure, there is the constancy of your invitations with your Orders of Service, menus and place cards. These are perhaps the smallest quantities, but they’re just as important.

Saying ‘thank you’

It’s really important to thank your guests for coming to the wedding or sending gifts or for any other help they have provided. ‘Thank you’ cards are a nice touch to show that even though the wedding is over, you’ve taken the time to acknowledge their contribution. Or these could be compliment cards without ‘thank you’ and you can write your own wording.

Add a touch of luxury

Your first Christmas together will be special. Why not create a Christmas card to send to your friends and families that celebrates the festivities as a newlywed couple.

Every piece of wedding stationery we design at Piccolo Press is unique. It’s not a template that we add your name to, it is designed just for you. That makes it a little more expensive, but it’s also unique to you.

If you’d like us to quote for your wedding stationery, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you to discuss the options.

Make sure all your printing matches

Piccolo Press can design all your wedding stationery to match, giving a personalised, neat and consistent look, and if you let us know what items you want below, we’ll send you an estimate.

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