Stunning Christmas Card

Piccolo Press has recently die-stamped a Christmas Card for the prestigious “Carnegie Club” at Skibo Castle, in the North of Scotland.

The design required two large hand steel engraved dies and was the most challenging and difficult job that Piccolo Press has ever attempted.
The card was stamped onto a folded card 8.25” square with the image stretched across 7.5”.

The amount of both gold and red ink that the dies had to carry was far more than normal and the die-stamping of the gold had to be done in two passes. Thus each card was hand-fed five times.

“I am not sure that we would attempt it again,” said Tim Honnor, the Managing Director, “but it was certainly some achievement and the end result gave us much satisfaction.”

It will certainly be one of the samples of printing offered up for the 2012 Print Awards!

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