“This is a Printing Office” & “Old Lang Syne”

Piccolo has recently printed two A5 posters, on 100% cotton “Somerset” . THIS IS A PRINTING OFFICE are the wonderful words of Beatrice Ward, typographer to the Monotype Corporation about the unique importance of printing to civilisation, and set as a broadsheet in 1932, using Eric Gill’s Perpetua typeface. (The words are cast in bronze in the White House Washington)

AULD LANG SYNE sets the words of this most famous of verses by Robbie Burns, with the ‘English” translation of some of the Scottish words, but also with instructions on how “Auld Lang Syne” SHOULD be done. The words of the second verse are “And there’s a hand my trusty fiere – and gie’s a hand of thine” and only at this point should hands cross. These sheets are perfect to hand out at a wedding, especially where the guests do not know the correct and proper procedure.

Both posters can be ordered by emailing: [email protected] – or ringing 01667 454508. Each poster costs £6 post paid. (Please enquire for prices of larger quantities)

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