We’re back

For those of you who have just re-opened for business, I want to wish you all every success!

Much like a Skye Terrier looking forlorn, pawing at the door, waiting to be let out- we are ready to get back into full production.

Though, we haven’t been idle.

We’ve kept up with enquiries, undertaking a few orders as necessary.

But it’ll be nice to produce more of the finest stationery Scotland had to offer than recently.

Open for business

Needless to say that, though working remotely, we are ready to receive your enquiries. Or, if you have any questions, need a little advice, then do get in touch.

And when we are in the workshop, we’re taking extra precautions- following social distancing guidelines, wearing face masks, washing our hands and disinfecting machines regularly to stay safe.

The workshop is closed to the public. While offering kerbside collection by appointment, please email to book a pick-up.

Events and weddings

For those of you with postponed events and weddings, we feel your disappointment. We are ready to provide you with all the support you need to get that special day back on track.

Finally, we’re improving our website. The result of which you should see shortly. We are broadening our range of templates for invitations, correspondence cards and business cards. More news later in the year. 

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